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More energy is needed in order to enable both technological inventions and developments. E.g., the increase in demand for electric vehicles today enables production of batteries and the production of charging stations. Although this sounds easy, it is actually far from it.
A battery giga factory needs energy equal to approx. 32 GWh. We need at least 80 battery giga factories to meet the future demands. In addition, if we add the increase in charging stations, the infrastructure of the countries is not suitable for this, as the energy production capacity of the countries is exceeded.
Wind energy and solar energy solutions are insufficient. Today, the remaining solution is nuclear energy.
As nuclear energy production is the solution, how can we make this better and safer?
Our mission is to reuse nuclear waste that has already been used as fuel in nuclear power production for decades. To introduce the "Small Modular Reactor" (SMR), the already existing waste will be reused and the waste from SMR will be reduced to approx. 1%. Our goal is to meet the energy needed in the cleanest and safest way. SMR can be installed at small facilities, without the need for water or for people to be afraid that a nuclear reactor is in their neighborhood.


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Thorgenx is a Dutch company working for solutions in the energy industry.